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Imperial Beach Pest Control

Surfing, fishing, and wildlife are just some of the things that Imperial Beach is known for. In fact, it was considered as one of the best surf spots in San Diego. This city is commonly called as the "Most Southwesterly City in the US" due to the fact that it is the southern most beach town on the West Coast. It is also the home to the Tijuana River National Estuary which is a place where the fresh water of Tijuana River mixes with the salt water of the Pacific Ocean.

With long sandy beaches and open spaces, residents living within the area find it hard to keep the pests out of their homes and landscapes. Some of the most common pest problems encountered by residents of Imperial Beach are ants, rats, gophers, whiteflies, and spiders.

Ant Control in Imperial Beach

Argentine Ants are invasive species that can be found in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and even in electrical systems/outlets. For proper treatment, it is vital to be able to identify the ant invading your home as different threats also requires different elimination methods. Argentine ants are about ⅛ of an inch long and have a light or dark brown color. It produces a greasy odor when crushed.

Rat Control in Imperial Beach

Rats have the ability to grow and live under different conditions. Though rats usually live in open fields, they tend to find their way into homes since it is very easy for them to squeeze through holes. They seek access to food, water, and shelter. Aside from actually seeing rats in your home, evidence of rats in your home may include bad smell, noise in the walls or ceiling, droppings, urine, and feces. In order to avoid infestation, damage to your home, and damage to your family’s health, it is quite crucial to start the treatment right away.

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