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Pest Control Alpine

A pest problem is never fun and no one ever wants to have to deal with one. Even though you might try to eliminate common pests from your home with DIY solutions, inevitably, you’ll wish someone could just take care of it for you. We are a company committed to providing our customers with peace of mind from their pest control problems. At Plateau Antbusters, we eliminate pests from your home or business and ensure that they stay out for as long as possible. We can perform an inspection for any home or business owner in Alpine, then create a solution based on what we find. We have been servicing Alpine for many years and aim to continue serving the area as long as there are pests to get rid of. We’ve built a good reputation because of our successful pest control and we can help restore your home or business back to its pest-free, relaxing state. At Plateau Antbusters, we make sure to take the source of the infestation out first to eliminate any more spread or invasion. Every one of our solutions is tailored to your specific current situation; including the pests you have, the treatment you would like to use, and your finances. We can take on any pest you might encounter in Alpine so that you don’t have to. Leave the pest control up to us at Plateau Antbusters!


Pest Solutions in Alpine

Pests are very inconvenient because they can cause serious damage to your home, create a mess, and are oftentimes, just really annoying. An extremely bad pest invasion can become a nightmare for any home or a business owner. The time and money that will go into tending to a property that has been infiltrated and destroyed by pests is something that no one ever wants to go through. At Plateau Antbusters, our first point of attack after detecting the pest during an inspection is to take out the source of the invasion - the nesting area. Once the nest is eliminated, this prevents the pest from spreading and invading further. Once you know our plan of attack, you will choose the method of treatment that we will use to rid your home of the pest for at least six months. You’ll then choose the method most suitable for you in terms of payment, either a payment plan or our pay as you go method. As a resident or business owner in Alpine, we want to show you why we are considered one of the best pest control companies in Southern California and fit for handling any pest the area has to offer.

We have been up and running for over 10 years; servicing Alpine and the rest of Southern California for just as long. We are family-owned and operated and base our work ethic around excellence and integrity. When our team of technicians, who are highly trained and experienced in the landscape, agricultural, and structural pest control, come to your home or business, you will be pest-free in no time. We promise to only provide you with honest work and unmatched customer service while also keeping our prices affordable for everyone in Alpine. We explain to our customers what Integrated Pest Management is so that they understand the work we do along with how we make sure the pest control lasts. We also offer up an array of pest control solutions that are safe to use around you, your family, and your employees. Our technicians know how to conduct all offered treatments whether they are organic, botanical, or even chemical-free, and we keep each of our treatment options affordable so you can get the pest control you need no matter what your financial situation might be. Our aim is to ensure that you are comfortable with every aspect of our elimination process. That you, and whoever else enters your home or business, remains safe after our job is done and that you know we aren’t expecting you to sign any sort of contract that makes you pay for treatment when it’s not needed. We want to make pest control as easy as possible, so we take it off of your hands while tailoring treatment to your specific situation.

Best Pest Experts in Alpine

Alpine sits in the Cuyamaca Mountains and is surrounded by miles of scenic views provided by the Cleveland National Forest. It has one of the most moderate climates in California, is pretty affordable, has a charming small-town feel, and is the perfect place to live no matter what age you are. The residents of Alpine love living there, but sometimes have to deal with unwanted pest guests.

Termite Control in Alpine

Subterranean termites are the most destructive termite and can, unfortunately, be found in Alpine. Thankfully, we know how to get rid of them once you’ve established you have a problem. You can find their nests in soil and when they can’t find trees, brush, or other decaying wood to eat they’ll start munching on the wood that has built your home or business. You’ll know you have a termite infestation when you find scattered, discarded wings on floors and window sills, mud tunnels hidden in corners, walls, wooden beams, posts, and doors, or internal structural damage.

Ant Control in Alpine

Ant control is our specialty so let us take care of your ant infestation. Ants enter buildings when they are looking for moisture or food. They’ll enter through cracks around doors and windows and once a colony starts growing, it can be pretty hard to manage. It is important that you know what species of ant you are dealing with. It can be difficult to get rid of an invasion yourself, so look to Plateau Antbusters to take care of the problem for you.

Alpine Pest Control

Use Plateau Antbusters when you need us! Most customers hire us to eliminate their current pest problem then call us back each year to prevent the problem from happening the next year. We make sure that the interior of your home or business will remain pest free for at least six months after our service, or we will return at no charge and eliminate the problem. We provide free estimates and offer affordable rates for all our services. If you are interested, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help with your infestation. For more information check out our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp accounts. You can also call us at (855) 475-2832.