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Pest Control Ventura County

We’ve all encountered a pest problem in our home or business and have tried to take care of it all on our own. The only problem with using DIY pest control methods is that they can be ineffective and unreliable, so your pests will most likely make a return within the first couple of months after you’ve tried to get rid of them. If you want to eliminate your pest problem completely then you’ll need to reach out to a professional like Plateau Antubusters. We are experts in pest control and can make sure that your pest problem is fully eliminated when we leave. We have been serving Ventura County since 2009 and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. We pride ourselves on the quality of work and services we provide to our customers, making us the pest control company to trust and want to work with. At Plateau Antbusters, we make it our mission to eliminate all pest problems at the source to ensure that they do not return and cause further damage to your home or business. We will start with an inspection then work to develop a treatment that is just for you. Our services and solutions are tailored to your specific needs and will leave you satisfied and willing to work with us again. Let us be the company to help you with your pest problem!


Pest Control Experts in Ventura County

With us at Plateau Antbusters, you can expect affordable rates and pricing, honest work, and excellent customer service. We offer complimentary estimates and won’t pressure you into entering a treatment contract with us. The services that you will receive are only what you need and payment decisions are all up to you - you can choose from either a monthly service plan or our pay as you go method. Our goal is to make getting rid of your pests as painless as possible so you don’t have to worry about paying for services you don’t need and whether or not the pests will come back. Our highly trained and experienced technicians specialize in landscape, agriculture, and structural pest control and conduct thorough inspections and eliminations every single time. We worry about the pests so that you don’t have to.

During our years of service we have helped many home and business owners in Ventura County get rid of their pest problems no matter what kind of pest. We know that a pest problem can really put a damper on any day and having to deal with them isn’t any better. While taking matters into your own hands with DIY solutions is tempting, oftentimes it can cause more problems than solutions. Before the problem becomes worse or you are exposed to harmful chemicals, leave the elimination to us. We are experts in the field, and we will make sure that you’re home is left pest free. Plateau Antbusters is the professional company you can put your trust in when it comes to pest control and elimination.

Ants, bed bugs, roaches, fleas, rodents, and spiders are the pests that are most common to Ventura County. Whenever any of these unwanted guests make their way into your home or business we will inspect your property and keep you in the loop on everything we see and how we will proceed with your treatment. You will be properly informed throughout the whole process and are highly encouraged to ask questions whenever they come up. Contacting us will save you or your business valuable time and money and we will provide results that you are sure to be satisfied with.

Best Pest Control Company in Ventura County

Providing quality pest control is the main objective of Plateau Antbusters. We are a family owned and operated company that focuses on excellence and integrity. You aren’t going to get anything less than excellent when you choose us to eliminate your pest problems. Our treatments and maintenance service plans are tailored to your individual needs and pest situation. We also know that concerns may arise when it comes to the tools and products used to eliminate pests. Thankfully, we are an environmentally-friendly business that offers up an array of treatment options for our clients. We have options that are organic, botanical, and even chemical-free for your consideration when we move to choosing a treatment for your home or business. We consider every person who enters your home or business when creating our treatment solutions and want to assure you that everyone will remain safe after we are finished with our job. We aren’t just any other pest control company, we are Plateau Antbusters and we eliminate pests for Ventura County in a satisfactory way.

Ventura County Pest Control

Ventura County is known for its happy and carefree lifestyle and is a place where residents and visitors alike come to partake in the beautiful beaches and the various water activities that can be done in the coastal county. Like the people who are happy to live in Ventura County, many pests enjoy living there, too. Ants are the biggest commonly found pest in the area but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look out for other insects and rodents that may make their way into your home and business as well. At Plateau Antbusters, we can take on any kind of pest and eliminate it by attacking it at the source - where they decide to nest. When we attack where the infestation originates, we cut off the supply of whatever pest we are dealing with as a way to make sure that they are completely gone. We promise at least 6 months without pests after our treatments, and will be there to help you out should they return.

Use Plateau Antbusters when you need us! Most customers hire us to eliminate their current pest problem and then call us back each year to prevent the problem from recurring the next year. We make sure that the interior of your home will remain pest free for at least 6 months after our service, or we will return at no charge to eliminate the problem. We provide free estimates and offer affordable rates for all our services. If you are interested, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help with your problem. For more information about us, visit our Facebook or Twitter accounts. We also provide free estimation. If you have any questions about pest control, please leave a message here or call us at (855) 475-2832.