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Pest Control Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe Pest Control

Rancho Santa Fe is a residential area located in the northern region of San Diego County. It is filled with lush lands, a great community, and beautiful neighborhoods. However, because of the warm mild weather year-round, pest control in Rancho Santa Fe is very common.  Even if you do not see pests lurking and living around your home, there are things that can indicate that pests have invaded your home. If any of the following evidence is found in your home, suspect that pests already live in your house.


If your kitchen or basement smells like ammonia, you should start to doubt it. The kitchen and basement are the best places for them to break in because there are food and it provides them places to hide. Also, their nasty smell is similar to a hutch that has not been cleaned for a while.


When ants find the source of food, they bring their friends. In an instant, the number of ants will increase and a colony will develop near your home. The solution is to keep your kitchen clean. Spilled food should be wiped off immediately and food waste should be disposed of.

Damaged Furniture

Rodents chew anything. If they break into your house, nothing is safe in your house. They will eat everything in your house like furniture, pipes, woods, wires, etc. The first thing to check is the status of the places where they can hide easily. If there is a strange tear, there is a good chance that rodents live in your house.


If you hear any noise on a quiet night, that is a sign of pests invasion. They are active at night. If you hear any movement at night, pests are running around. Listen carefully, especially if the sound is coming from the walls. It is the best place for pests to hide.


If you have any of the three signs mentioned above, do not worry. There is a pest specialist that you can trust that provides services in Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding areas.

Plateau AntBusters have over 35 years of experience in this industry. That is why we are experts and have the ability to provide the most appropriate treatment for your situation. We do know you are worried about the various chemicals used. At Plateau AntBusters, we value your family, pets, and plants. So we solve the problem in an environmentally friendly way. We also provide complimentary estimates without any sales pressure, and our treatment and maintenance service plans are tailored to your individual needs. We want to provide a solution to your pests problem.