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Pest Control Ventura

Ventura Pest Control

Ventura was originally named San Buenaventura or “Good Fortune” by Father Junipero Serra and has been featured on several lists of “Happiest City”. It is a coastal city that is northwest of Los Angeles and is known for its beaches. Ventura offers a wide range of water activities that include surfing, harbor cruises, kayaking, whale watching and many more. Even if you are living in one of the considered “Happiest Cities,” it still does not guarantee that you will be pest free. Just like any other cities, residents of Ventura still suffers from several pest problems including ant invasion.

Reason of Ant Invasion

It is never good news for homeowners that ants are found in their home. Why ants invade your home? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple because there are so many possible reasons. Let us talk about some of the most common reasons.


When ants find the source of food, they bring their friends. In an instant, the number of ants will increase and a colony will develop near your home. The solution is to keep your kitchen clean. Spilled food should be wiped off immediately and food waste should be disposed.


Aside from food, ants like Argentine ants and Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture and food. Emptying flowerpots, birdbaths, grill covers and baby pools can help in terms of argentine ant prevention.


Ants cannot enter your home by themselves. When there are cracks or small openings, they can enter. Keeping those cracks or small openings sealed will help prevent ant invasion. For these reasons, various species of ants can invade your home. To eliminate them, you need to target the nest and use the most suitable treatment(s). It will be difficult for you to do it alone. Plateau Antbusters is not like other pest control companies. We specialize in making people happy. We specialize in giving you exactly what you are looking for at a fair, reasonable price. It does not have to be hard.